This page is for users interested in using the GC-Vocus-2R at Virginia Tech. Any member of the Virginia Tech research community can request to use this instrument, which was acquired with the express goal of expanding interdisciplinary collaborations across the university.

This instrument was acquired through the National Science Foundation Major Research Instrumentation program (grant #2117649). Acquisition was also made possible through the support of the Global Change Center and the Fralin Life Sciences Institute at Virginia Tech, the Charles Via Jr. Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, the College of Engineering, the College of Science, the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, and the Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation.

Broad information about the instrument can be found at the manufacturer’s website for the Vocus-2R and the optional gas chromatograph attachment.


For updates, users can join the listserv through the Virginia Tech google group vocus_users-g(at)vt.edu. Any users with a scheduled project will be added to this listserv by default. For inquiries regarding instrument management, please contact Dr. Isaacman-VanWertz at ivw(at)vt.edu or the instrument advisory team at vocus_lead-g(at)vt.edu.

Instrument Usage Requests

Usage request form: Link

Use of the instrument can requested through this online form, which is available to anyone with a Virginia Tech email address. You should also send a quick email to ivw(at)vt.edu to make sure Dr. Isaacman-VanWertz knows you have submitted a request. This form is primarily to facilitate scheduling and ensure users are properly trained. Projects are not screened or evaluated for scientific merit or any other value, and you do not need to provide details on your proposed science or ideas, this instrument is open to all. If usage requests outpace available instrument time, an approval review process will be implemented by the instrument advisory team, but such a review process is not in place at this time.

During your scheduled instrument usage, your Hokie Passport should provide you access to 206 Hancock. Please contact Dr. Isaacman-VanWertz at ivw(at)vt.edu if you need to add or remove access for anybody during this time.

Google Drive – training and other information

Shared Google drive: Link

Lots of important information regarding instrument operation, training, and FAQs are available on a shared Google drive accessible by anyone with a Virginia Tech email address. It is recommended that all users access that drive and read the document entitled “First time users – Read Me”. Approved users can request permission to edit and add to these documents.

Instrument availability

Shareable Google calendar: Link

Publications using this instrument

For reporting purposes, it is important to keep track of the great science this community is doing! Any paper that uses measurements collected by this instrument should acknowledge NSF grant 2117649. Please enter citation information on this Google form: Link

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