On Campus

Check back regularly for atmospheric events occurring on campus:

Upcoming seminars:

  • Sally Pusede (UVA), 10/30/20, 2:30 pm, Virtual, Title TBD, (host: CEE – IVW)
  • Rohit Mathur (US EPA), 11/6/20, 2:30 pm, Virtual, Title TBD, (host: CEE – Foroutan)

If you know of additional air-related events on campus, please contact Dr. Isaacman-VanWertz.


Past seminars:

  • Rachel O’Brien (William & Mary), 9/25/20, 2:30 pm, Virtual, “Chemical and Physical Properties of Organic Films on Indoor Surfaces”, (host: CEE – Little)
  • Albert Presto (Carnegie Mellon), 2/28/20, 2:30 pm, Durham 261, “Beyond Particle Mass: Embracing the Full Complexity of the Urban Atmosphere”, (host: CEE – IVW)
  • Brandon Boor (Purdue), 4/12/19, “Dynamics of Volatile Organic Compounds, Ozone, and Aerosols in a Living Laboratory Office & HVAC System” (host: CEE – Marr)
  • Sarah Evans (Michigan State), 3/7/19, “Microbes in the mist: precipitation as a driver of dispersal and function in terrestrial microbial communities” (host: BIOL – Osburn/Barrett)
  • Andrew Ault (Michigan), 3/1/19, “Catching the Freshwater Wave: Lakes, Aerosols, and Algal Blooms” (host: Chemistry – Morris, PPWS – Schmale, CEE – Marr)
  • Andrew Ault (Michigan), 2/28/19, “Dropping Acid in the Atmosphere: Is it Just a Phase?” (host: Chemistry – Morris, PPWS – Schmale, CEE – Marr)
  • Andrew Grieshop (NC State), 2/15/19, “Addressing global impacts of household solid fuel use: lessons from the field and lab” (host: CEE – IVW)
  • Vicki Grassian (UC San Diego), 11/2/18, “The Physical Chemistry of Environmental Interfaces: Aerosols, Nanomaterials and Indoor Surfaces” (host: Chemistry – Morris)
  • Mark Rood (UIUC), 10/12/18, “Optical Remote Sensing of Particulate Matter to Quantify Plume Opacity and Mass Emission Factors” (host: CEE – Marr)
  • Josh Apte (UT Austin), 9/28/18, “Sensing urban air pollution at high resolution with Google Street View cars” (host: CEE – IVW)
  • Jason Surratt (UNC Chapel Hill), 4/28/17, “Secondary Organic Aerosol Formation from Atmospheric Oxidation of Isoprene: Implications for Air Quality, Climate and Public Health” (host: CEE – Marr/IVW)