Gabriel Isaacman-VanWertz CV
Associate Professor

e-mail: ivw (
Office: 419 Durham Hall
Phone: 540.231.0011

Christos Stamatis CV
Postdoctoral researcher
e-mail: christoss (

Research Interests: Wet deposition of gasses and particles, biomass burning emissions, mass spectrometry and data analytics. I am particularly interested in developing parametrizations for wet scavenging of gasses and particles in order to enhance our understanding of those processes.      

Engineering Interests: Writing software that automates instrument monitoring (crash logging, user notifications) and streamlines the data handling process after logging (pushing to cloud storage, raw data handling)

General interests: When I am not working I really enjoy cooking, playing with my guitars and improving my homelab (NAS + mini-cluster)


James Hurley
Postdoctoral researcher
e-mail: jamesfh (

Research Interests: Instrument development, characterization of emissions from biota and fragrance mixtures. More generally, I am interested in organic and physical chemistry, spectroscopy and kinetics. Recreation-wise, I enjoy reading, archery, hiking/climbing in the mountains and trying to learn Mandarin

Sungwoo Kim
Ph.D. student
e-mail: sungwookim (

Research Interests: Analysis and interpretation of large and complex data. I’m particularly interested in the development of an efficient automated algorithm for the analysis of data produced by Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectroscopy systems. This aims at potentially increasing the accuracy and speed of data processing for a larger computing capability. My background is in air quality modeling and analysis, and I am excited to apply my previous skills as well as learn new ones in the field of GC. In my free time, I enjoy travelling, reading, golf, and playing basketball.

Purushottam Kumar
Ph.D. student
e-mail: purushottamk (

Research Interests: Developing novel techniques and instruments for studying Atmospheric chemistry (both gas and particle phases) and doing the source apportionment analysis of atmospheric aerosols. I would like to study the atmosphere of other celestial bodies (e.g. Mars) sometime in future too. I am also interested in studying archaeology especially past climate and evolution of different species over time and the science & technology of the ancient civilizations. In my free time, I like to sit alone listening to old Hindi songs or go hiking.

Namrata Panji CV
Ph.D. student
e-mail: namratapanji (

I am interested in indoor and outdoor atmospheric chemistry, especially emission and the fate of semi-volatile organic compounds (SVOCs). I am currently working on studying SVOCs in the environment and dabbling in instrumentation and measurement techniques. I also enjoy water and wastewater treatment designing. In my free time, I like to catch up on reading and cooking new cuisines.

Muskan Amin
M.S. student
e-mail: muskana19 (

My research focus is examining data from gas chromatography mass spectrometry. Innovating and employing novel research methods to enhance the analysis of emissions and hazardous air pollutants. I am also interested in researching sustainable water and energy systems. In my free time I enjoy hiking, climbing, cooking, and spending time with friends and family!

Amira Hansch
Undergraduate researcher
e-mail: amirakh (

I am an undergraduate student interested in sustainability, renewable energy, and air and water resources. I have been working on analyzing GC-MS data using IGOR to identify the abundance of different VOCs in the samples. Additionally, I have been working to construct and operate portable air samplers that can be used for various projects. In my free time, I like doing gymnastics, outdoor activities, and traveling.



  • Chenyang Bi, 2018-2023. Current position: Aerodyne Research, Inc.


  • Deb McGlynn, PhD, 2022. Dissertation: Understanding the chemical impacts of biogenic volatile organic compounds and the physical drivers of their observed seasonality
  • James Hurley, PhD, 2022. Dissertation: New Methods for Measuring Spatial, Temporal and Chemical Distributions of Volatile Organic Compounds
  • Graham Frazier, PhD, 2023. Dissertation: Time Dependent Uptake of Volatile Organic Compounds on Silica and the Observation and Quantification of Ambient Sesquiterpenes in Virginia


  • Asmita Deshmukh, MS 2019, Project: Concentration and Spatial Distribution of Squalene on Human Clothing
  • Xin Lu, MS, 2018, Project: Variability in the Composition of Soil Gas at the Site of Residential Heating Oil Spills in Virginia

Undergraduates and summer researchers

  • Alejandra Caceres, BS, 2023, Project: Distributed, portable gas sampling
  • Mary Tovillo, BS, 2018, Project: Development and validation of mobile gas samples
  • Allahna Grant, summer researcher, 2018, Project: Determining a method for automated, time-resolved particle sampling
  • Monica Gurung, summer research, 2018, Project: Measuring the spatial distribution of a subsurface heating oil spill